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11 Reasons Why L'AMARUE Products Are Supermodels' Go-To For Combination and Unbalanced Skin



Are you tired of fighting your skin?

Are you sick of using 5 or 10 different products to battle combination, agitated, and unbalanced skin, for all of them to not really work anyways? Your skin cells are likely out of sync.

What if your skin felt even, balanced, and not annoyed all the time... naturally?

With L'AMARUE, it can be.

Combination and troublesome skin happens when your skin cells get mixed messaging from triggers like hormones, diet, environment, and genetics. It overreacts, and creates discord in the communication between your skin cells.

The issue is, the beauty industry doesn't have ingredients that can really do anything about this. So they give you formulations that temporarily help one or two of the symptoms of the disharmony, like dry patches or mysterious redness.

L'AMARUE makes root cause solutions instead.

Our proprietary Heart to Heart Complex® bioactive helps gently reset your skin from the inside out. By encouraging positive protein pathway signaling, it keeps the skin's set of instructions simple and clear.

Backed by 3,000+ studies, L'AMARUE's proprietary ingredient has been shown to heal inflammation at all severities and speed healing by 4x.

It's the multitasking hero that you've always dreamt of – and that's even used by supermodels with their own skincare brands. Here's what you need to know:

1. You Don't Need a Billion-Step Routine Anymore

One of the most annoying things about combination and out-of-balance skin is having to use so many products just to give your skin what it needs. L'AMARUE to the rescue! Our formulas are bona fide multitasking heroes, uniquely engineered to help target the root cause of each issue, so that your routine is simple – finally.

2. The Formulas Adapt to What Your Skin Needs – Every Single Day

One week your skin is dry and irritable. The next week it's oily and breaking out. Imagine if you had just 3 products that could handle all the fluctuations... Our formulas are just that. Powered by our patent-pending Heart to Heart Complex®, our products encourage your skin cells to not overreact, no matter what might trigger a response (like hormones, food, sleep, or stress).

3. Deep Moisture Without The Breakouts or Oil Slicks

By using skin-identical moisture factors, our products provide hydration that feels natural, balanced, and never like a gross layer sitting on top of your skin. Plus, our formulas use only ingredients graded non-comedogenic, so you can get all that hydration without concern. 

4. Everything is Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Redness

Inflammation is at the center of nearly every skin concern. It makes our cells less efficient, and can cause dozens of different annoyances and irritations! By using Omega fatty acids, niacinamide, and our Heart to Heart Complex®, our products are able to calm acute inflammation and redness, as well as quell cycles of reactionary inflammation.

5. No More Guesswork! Our Products are Reliable Allies That Do It All

We follow a French-inspired approach to beauty and skincare – beauty products are in service of you, not the other way around. You’re the main character, not your skincare. We've condensed the efficacy of dozens of products and treatments into a 3-step routine that you can trust is the right choice, no matter what.

6. They Manage Oiliness and Dryness

Rarely does a brand make formulas that are able to multitask and help several skin concerns. Our formulas are made for versatility, and help reset your skin from the inside, rather than just putting a metaphorical "bandaid" on dryness or oiliness. By using skin-identical hydration factors alongside our Heart to Heart Complex®, we're able to target the shared root cause of both of these issues at the same time: out-of-whack oil production!

3 Steps = Skin You're In Love With



Flush away toxins and irritants with The Essential Cleanser

An actively hydrating cleanse that supports your skin barrier and microbiome. It re-nourishes whole food nutrients and calms.


Infuse 18 essential nutrients with The Daily Vitamin Serum

Our groundbreaking super serum delivers must-have nutrients to support your skin performing its most important functions.


Balance, correct, calm, and protect with The Face Cream

The cult-favorite hero moisturizer and treatment combo promotes your skin's wellness from the cellular level.

7. They Help More Than 50 Different Skin Concerns

Many times with agitated skin, unexpected issues crop up. Our products have helped customers with more than 50 different skin concerns, from run-of-the-mill dryness to acne to psoriasis. So no matter that might so up, odds are you'll already have the answer.

8. It Works Today and For The Long-Run

All L'AMARUE products deliver seriously fast results according to reviewers, but they also support your skin's wellness for the long-run. By supporting your barrier strength, microbiome, collagen production, and inflammation levels, they're here to help prevent trouble and promote wellness and balance (and collagen!) for long run, too.

9. They're Totally Clean, Non-Toxic, and Sensitive-Friendly

Free from unnecessary additives and harnessing the power of nature's bounty, our products are free of over all known toxins, carcinogens, and endocrine disruptors, as well as common irritants, fragrances, and other problem ingredients.

10. They Save You Time, Money, and Shelf-Space

Nobody wants a 15-step morning routine that costs a gazillion dollars and takes over your bathroom. On average, L'AMARUE customers are able to stop buying 3 or more other products, saving them big money, time, and headache. A serious plus for anyone who loves living their life not in front of their vanity.

11. It's A No-Brainer

A simpler routine... That works better and differently than everything else out there... Founded by a mother-daughter duo... With no shady ingredients... And hundreds of 5-star reviews... That's adored by beauty editors and supermodels alike. What's not to love?

Powered by nature's superheroes. Free of added fragrances, toxins, and pretensions.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 1:

The Essential Cleanser


The cleanser that loves your skin back! Ingeniously formulated to rebalance every skin type's unique imbalances, all while actively moisturizing the skin. Re-nourishes with whole nutrients after detoxing.

An actively hydrating cleanse

Barrier strengthening

No harsh soaps or irritants

Add To Cart • $39 $31.20

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Step 2:

The Daily Vitamin Serum


Your all-in-one super serum and comprehensive skin health support. Intensive antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, corrective support. Calms, smooths, and enlivens immediately.

Supports essential skin function

Skin-identical hydration

Soothes, evens, and lifts instantly

Add To Cart • $69 $55.20

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Step 3:

The Face Cream


One simple solution to balance, calm, hydrate, repair, and protect. Naturally balance oil and hydration, stimulate repair, support microbiome health, and limit cycles of inflammation.


Lightweight and non-greasy

Targets root cause

Add To Cart • $55 $44

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It’s what’s on the inside that counts

Clean and Non-Toxic


No harsh chemicals



The Best Choice For

Out-of-Balance Skin

See why we've sold over 100,000 tubes and bottles, with an average rating of 4.8/5

Best cleanser for sensitive skin

The Essential Cleanser

"Every cleanser I use is for sensitive skin, but they all left the skin red. This is the first cleanser I’ve used that truly cleanses and doesn’t irritate."

- Nancy L.

I’m amazed. Just try it!

The Daily Vitamin Serum

"This serum, used after the wash and before the Face Cream both morning and night, has calmed and soothed my skin so much. It’s also helped even further reduce my breakouts which are almost nonexistent at this point. I am about to purchase my second bottle of each. I’m in love!"

- Lauren H.

Absolutely love this stuff!

The Face Cream

"This face cream is maybe the best facial product I have ever used. For whatever crazy reason it actually works exactly as stated on the website. My skin is now perfectly balanced, not oily or dry, firm, completely free of any blemish, itching, or irritation."

-Ashley R.

A Note From Our Founders

Hi ☺ We're so grateful you're here!

L'AMARUE was born out of our desire to turn nature into a science, and to create products that made us both feel like our truest, most authentic and unencumbered selves.

Our skin isn't just our skin, it's intrinsically connected to our quality of life and overall happiness. And nearly every day we hear something about how our products have "given you your life back," or something similarly impactful.

We believe taking care of your skin is more than a "vanity thing" – it's really all about making sure you can feel like yourself all day, every day.

Making products that can do this is a special thing, and that's what we're here for. And thank you all for trusting us with something that matters in this way :)


Nicole & Ande

Co-Founders and Mother-Daughter

The natural, balancing routine that even supermodels and beauty editors swear by!