10 Reasons Why L'AMARUE Is Replacing Everyone's Retinol For Good

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10 Reasons Why L'AMARUE is Replacing Everyone's Retinol For Good... And Keeps Selling Out.


Did you know that (despite all the hype) retinol is actually a known endocrine distrupter and damages your skin barrier?

If you're anything like us, you've wanted something that's potent and effective enough to fix the concerns you have, from fine lines, to scarring, to acne. And retinol has sounded like it may be just that...

But retinol has major drawbacks, like the famous retinol purge/"uglies", potential damage to your skin barrier, and being a known toxin.

What about a fix shown to be 2x as effective as retinol, but without the sabotaging side-effects? And that is backed by over 3,000+ published studies to be safe and non-toxic...

Get ready to hear about L'AMARUE everywhere. Its patent-pending natural Root Cause Skincare™ science is the ultimate retinol alternative – and it's beneficial for over 50 different skin concerns.

Unlike typical remedies that address surface issues, this bioactive delves deep into cell signaling, and has been shown to boost collagen production by up to 400%, heal inflammation at all severities, and speed healing by 4x.

It's a 100% natural innovation for treatment-grade results without the harsh side-effects.

And, it's formulated into products that you'll love using as your luxurious daily essentials!

Here's why L'AMARUE is becoming the new go-to for supermodels, on-the-go moms, and everyone who wants smooth, glowy skin:

1. It Smooths Fine Lines in Days, Not Months

Don't want to wait months for results? You don't need to anymore, according to reviewers. Our formulas, powered by our Heart to Heart Complex®, help smooth the look of fine lines in days, not months like most retinol products. Our anti-aging products have a cult following for their overnight transformations. With instantly noticeable brightening and lifting, say goodbye to the waiting game and hello to rapid transformations! 

2. They Helps Your Skin Make Its Own Collagen (bye bye, collagen powders!)

Your body can't absorb collagen into your skin, and it can't use the collagen from collagen supplements unless it is broken down into amino acids. So, in order to combat your skin's natural decline in collagen production (that starts at 30!), you're better off using pro-collagen ingredients, instead of collagen itself. The key bioactive of our Heart to Heart Complex® has shown been researched to provide a 400% boost in the skin's natural collagen production!

3. It's Not Sensitizing, Drying, or Irritating

Dryness and irritation that lingers for months? No thanks. Retinol can leave your skin feeling parched and irritated due to its aggressive cellular turnover stimulation. Instead of putting you through this, we take a more delicate and effective route. All of our products are enriched with skin-identical hydrators and anti-inflammatory heroes for natural-feeling hydration, soothing, and repair. We give your skin the care it deserves while accomplishing profound cellular transformations.

4. They're Anti-Acne Heroes, Too

Retinol is a common go-to for acne – but that means you will likely have to battle dry, irritated skin caused by retinoids. Our formulas help take the "fight" out of getting rid of acne – they're easy, non-drying, non-toxic, and work. For hormonal acne, cystic acne, fungal acne, and run-of-the-mill chronic breakouts, our customers are able to clear their skin and ensure it stays beautifully hydrated and bright through the process. None of the retinol nasties, just skin-supporting nutrients reseting your skin from within.

5. They Use Elite Ingredients That Usually Cost $$$

We harness best-in-class ingredients as the norm, not the exception! From the unbeatable hydrating effects of Hyaluronic Acid, to the fortifying qualities of Probiotics, to the barrier-healing properties of Omega fatty acids – the lineup delivers superior nourishment and care typically only found in formulas that cost several hundred dollars. Your skin is equipped for ultimate wellness, while receiving the life-changing cellular support of the Heart to Heart Complex® – all for less.

3 Steps = Skin You're In Love With



Smooth lines, brighten, and revive with The Eye Cream

Enjoy immediate illumination and revival, and the ultimate forever-fix for fine lines and signs of aging and collagen loss.


Balance, correct, and repair with The Face Cream

The cult-favorite hero moisturizer and treatment combo promotes your skin's wellness from the cellular level.


Protect, heal, and promote collagen with The Balm

The universal hero balm is our sensitive skin-friendly reply to retinol. Heal, protect, and give a cellular boost all-in-one.

6. They're Completely Sensitive Skin-Friendly

Using retinol when you have sensitive skin can be like playing with fire – you're likely to end up burnt. With sensitive skin, using too many aggressive active ingredients at once can create a burning sensation, redness, bumps, and overall inflammation. L'AMARUE was developed by founders with sensitive skin, so you can trust the products for even the most sensitive! We pride ourselves on making products that are supremely gentle while also getting the job done how you want it.

7. They Protect and Repair the Skin's All-Important Barrier

Your skin's barrier is responsible for hydration, protection, and giving that glowy, healthy apearance to your skin. It can be compromised by both dry or humid weather, harsh ingredients, over-exfoliation, and naturally with age. When this happens, it can cause wrinkles, dullness, redness, acne, dry skin, dermatitis, and more. Instead of treating these symptoms with retinol (because it can further damage your barrier!) L'AMARUE products are packed with barrier-healing ingredients.

8. They're Genuine Remedies, Deeper than Skin-Deep

At the center of our Heart to Heart Complex® lies the natural bioactive DIM (derived from broccoli!), supported by over 3,000 studies highlighting its incredible anti-inflammatory properties and beyond. Acting as a vital 'cell communicator,' this ingredient empowers your skin cells to navigate responses from various triggers – be it diet, environmental factors, or aging effects. Customers often describe the astounding transformations they experience as 'life-changing.' L'AMARUE unleashes the remarkable power of your skin without you having to do anything complicated or different than just a bit of self-care.

9. They're Trusted as Safe and Non-Toxic

We prioritize you and your skin's well-being – period. With a meticulously curated selection of research-backed, non-toxic ingredients, you can trust your routine every day and forever. Our Heart to Heart Complex® is derived from 100% natural DIM, which has been studied for decades (over 3,000 published studies!) and is much-beloved by dermatologists, holistic medicine practitioners, and even oncologists. Non-toxic ingredients meet cutting-edge research for skincare you know works, guilt-free.

10. It Works Today and for the Long Run

L'AMARUE's retinol alternative isn't only for immediate results; it's a game-changer for long-term skin wellness, too. While delivering visible changes like reduced fine lines, improved texture, and a radiant glow in a short span, its real magic lies in its enduring impact. This innovative formula works beneath the surface, promoting collagen factors, enhancing cellular turnover, and supporting your skin's anti-inflammatory processes. It's not just a quick fix for right now; it's a commitment to a lifetime of skin vitality.

Powered by nature's superheroes. Free of added fragrances, toxins, and pretensions.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 1:

The Eye Cream


The most advanced retinol alternative eye cream, without the irritation! Erases aging signs, brightens and softens texture. Supports delicate skin with rich fatty acids.

Non-greasy, glowy finish

Protects and nourishes

Fast-acting. Think days, not months.

Add To Cart • $58 $46.40

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Step 2:

The Face Cream


One simple solution to balance, correct, hydrate, and protect. Smooths fine lines, tightens, and plumps. Naturally stimulate renewal and limit cycles of inflammation.


Lightweight and non-greasy

Targets cellular root cause

Add To Cart • $55 $44

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Step 3:

The Lip Balm


Collagen-promoting and super-healing universal balm. Use it on lips and dry, stressed areas to lock in hydration + repair. It heals and regenerates at the same time.

Ultra-healing boost

24/7 protection

Locks in hydration

Add To Cart • $23 $18.40

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It’s what’s on the inside that counts

Clean and Non-Toxic


No harsh chemicals



The Only Choice for

Better-Than-Retinol Skincare

See why we've sold over 100,000 tubes and bottles, with an average rating of 4.8/5

Best money spent on skin product, ever

The Eye Cream

At first I liked how it felt and moisturized but I didn't notice a difference in appearance of fine lines until the 3rd day of use. Suddenly all the fine lines around my eyes disappeared and my outer corners and under eyes looked 15 years younger (I am 45 yrs). It is so effective and makes me feel so good I get anxiety when I think about running out."

- Andrea C.

Absolutely love this stuff!

The Face Cream

"This face cream is maybe the best facial product I have ever used. For whatever crazy reason it actually works exactly as stated on the website. My skin is now perfectly balanced, not oily or dry, firm, completely free of any blemish, itching, or irritation."

-Ashley R.

Excellent product

The Balm

"Non greasy, it rejuvenates both lips and face if you choose to use it on your whole face. It does exactly what it is advertising, I am hooked."

- Lauren H.

The retinol alternative that even supermodels and beauty editors swear by.