Natural Acne Care – L'AMARUE

Root Cause Skincare™ for Banishing Acne

Innovative natural formulas help balance acne-causing hormones and inflammation at the skin level, for fast, lasting, and confidence-restoring results.

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Balance effects of hormones and inflammation

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Hydrate, correct pigmentation, calm and even texture

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Prevent future breakouts and support barrier

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The Face Cream


Our #1 acne (and hormonal acne) bestseller. Anti-inflammatory, rebalancing, anti-redness, and healing. For all ages.


The Face Cream

"I've used every product imaginable for my chronic hormonal acne and subsequent scarring/ hyperpigmentation. Not only has this product greatly reduced my hormonal acne, it has faded the hyperpigmentation and improved the texture of my skin (including scars!) It is also incredibly moisturizing and feels great on. Buy it, you won't regret it."

-Erika M.

The Rescue & Repair Kit



Loved for calming breakouts, restoring barrier strength, promoting a healthy microbiome, and preventing new breakouts.


The Rescue & Repair Kit

"I have had fairly pervasive acne and acne scars since I was a teenager. The combination of this with the face cream has done WONDERS for my skin — better than anything else I’ve tried. And the fact that it uses natural ingredients truly almost makes it too good to be true — although somehow it is true!"

-Jessica B.

The Essential Cleanser


An all-in-one balancing, detoxing, anti-inflammatory daily cleanser. Never strips your skin, and uses natural acne fighters.


The Essential Cleanser

"WOW! I didn't really think changing my cleanser would make that much of a difference but my skin is SO much clearer and just looks so much healthier! Way fewer breakouts and I'm not fighting dryness anymore."

-Grace D.

The Daily Vitamin Serum


A gentle but potent daily serum to reduce inflammation, strengthen your skin barrier, and correct imperfections left behind.


The Daily Vitamin Serum

"Right within the first week I started using it, I noticed improvements on my skin. My dark spots brightened up, my pimples healed super fast, and my skin overall looked healthier and more glowy. It instantly became a staple in my morning routine. This is the real deal!!!!!!"

-Carola D.

Real Results for Acne


their L'AMARUE reduced the frequency of their breakouts*


their L'AMARUE reduced the severity of their breakouts*


their L'AMARUE sped up the healing time of their breakouts*


their L'AMARUE visibility reduced inflammation in 1-3 days*

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Acne and Hormonal Acne FAQ