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Root Cause Skincare™

Root Cause Skincare™ for Fading Dark Spots

Get ready to toss the foundation and concealer!

Innovative natural formulas help balance the effects of hormones and inflammation at the skin level. So, whether your hyperpigmentation is from acne, picking, or aging, we've got your back.

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The Daily Vitamin Serum


A gentle, intensive elixir with Vitamin C, Pomegranate Extract, our patent-pending Heart to Heart Complex®, and Licorice Root to correct and prevent dark spots and inflammation.


Daily Vitamin Serum

"My dark spots brightened up, my pimples healed super fast, and my skin overall looked healthier and more glowy."

-Carola D.

The Face Cream


All-in-one solution to help fade dark spots, hydrate deeply, and protect against stressors. Perfect for those who want an ultra-simple routine.


The Face Cream

"I’m an esthetician, so I have access to all the pro brands and I like this one better than any I’ve tried."

-Rebecca S.

The Body Cream


perfect for pigmentation concerns on the body. Our daily lotion and first-aid butter, packed with Horse Chestnut Extract, Shea Butter, and patent-pending DIM helps fade dark spots and replenish barrier strength.


The Body Cream

"I feel this body cream is actually repairing the damage from a lifetime of sun exposure. No other body cream, at any price, has been as effective."

-Charene M.

The Rescue & Repair Kit



Your perfectly tailored routine to correct dark marks and uneven tone AND prevent the issues that caused them in the first place. Perfect if you want a simple routine that does it all.


The Rescue & Repair Kit

"Beautiful Glow. I had used the face lotion previously but using the cleanser with lotion really helped my skin settle and gave my skin a smoother look. I would highly recommend this product to my friends and family."

-Ashley L.

Real Results for Hyperpigmentation


agree their L'AMARUE has noticeably improved their skin’s overall tone and evenness*


agree their L'AMARUE has noticeably faded dark spots/hyperpigmentation*


agree their L'AMARUE sped up the healing time of their breakouts*

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Hyperpigmentation FAQ