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a.k.a. our patent-pending Heart to Heart Complex®
a.k.a 3'3 diindolylmethane






Derived from cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, brussel sprouts, and kale!


Cell-Communicator, Anti-Inflammatory

Other Nuggets

Non-toxic, safe for all ages and skin types

DIM vs. the rest

How our patent-pending ingredient beats traditional non-cell communicating ingredients, on average.

Up to



more collagen production*

Up to


skin concerns targeted*

Up to


faster healing and regeneration*



toxic additives or synthetic materials

Why Its Special

+ It's a known "cell-communicator," meaning it helps the skin work from a clear set of instructions, instead of acting from chaotic signals from diet, sleep, alcohol, hormones, and more. Familiar ingredients that are cell-communicators include: niacinamide, retinol, peptides, and apple stem cells – a.k.a. all the current superheroes of skincare!

+ Studied for decades as an anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer agent (though, we obviously aren't claiming this – legal and whatnot 🙃), it's known to reduce inflammation and cellular damage at any level, including acute and chronic concerns

+ Instead of providing surface-level, temporary fixes to symptoms of skin irregularities, its able to get to the root cause

Known To Be Great For

+ Over 50 different skin concerns, and all skin types!

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Products with DIM

a.k.a. our Heart to Heart Complex®

The Face Cream

One simple solution to balance, calm, hydrate, repair, and protect.

The Core Set



Our bestselling essentials for happy skin and mind. Face, Eye, & Body Creams.

The Jumbo Body Cream



First-aid butter and foundation of your body's skin health – made jumbo. 

The Daily Vitamin Serum

Your does-it-all serum and comprehensive nutrient and corrective support.

The Lip Balm


Plumping, healing, anti-aging, and protective – all in one.

The Essential Cleanser


Finally, a never-drying daily cleanser for a healthy, balanced baseline.

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